My Work


Excerpts and Notes for Publishers’ Catalogues

  • Tormane, Stories for Children (2017)
  • Ilze Melgalve, The Mother Who Was a Spider (2017)
  • Luīze Pastore, Mare and the Storm (2017)
  • Māris Rungulis, On the Gable Roof (2017)
  • Logina, Too much, too little, and just in time (2017)
  • Gundega Repše, Marked by Fire (2017)
  • Otto Ozols, Latvians are Everywhere (2017)

Marketing Material

  • Magnetic Latvia campaign (!MOOZ Agency) (2018)
  • Biographies of Latvian authors Inga Ābele, Jānis Joņevs, Kārlis Vērdiņš, Luīze Pastore, Osvalds Zebris
  • Liner notes / lyrics for Latvian Youth Choir BALSIS CDs – Red and Handel’s “Messiah” (2012)
  • Marketing and publicity material for Latvian Youth Choir BALSIS (2009-2014)

Children’s Stories – Bridge Translations

  • Bikibuks Series, Liels un Mazs, Riga (2018)
  • Lauris Gundars, Whale is Back!, Liels un Mazs, Riga (2021)

Short Stories - Published

  • Alise Redviņa, Lynn, Words Without Borders (2017)
  • Osvalds Zebris, The Straw Man, European Stories (EUPL winners write Europe) (2018)
  • Inga Ābele, Nettles, Baltic Belles: The Dedalus Book of Latvian Women’s Literature (2022)
  • Mirdza Bendrupe, Helena, Baltic Belles: The Dedalus Book of Latvian Women’s Literature (2022)
  • Anna Brigadere, Old Karline, Baltic Belles: The Dedalus Book of Latvian Women’s Literature (2022)

Writing and Editing

Interviews with international arts leaders

Audacious New Moves Open Les Grands Ballets’ Season – Interview with Executive Director Alain Dancyger (Montreal, Canada)

Innovation and International Best Practices Key to Success of Australian Orchestras – Interview with Sophie Galaise, Managing Director of Melbourne Symphony Orchestra (Melbourne, Australia)

Building a Lasting Legacy and the Future of Arts Leadership in Canada – Interview with Peter Herrndorf, President and CEO of the National Arts Centre (Ottawa, Canada)

Cultural Democracy at the Heart of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe – Interview with Shona McCarthy, Chief Executive of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival Society (Edinburgh, Scotland)

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts – A “Humanistic” Museum with a Holistic Vision – Interview with Nathalie Bondil, Director General and Chief Curator (Montreal, Canada)

Less is More at Bruce Wood Dance in Dallas – Interview with Gayle Halperin, Executive Director (Dallas, USA)

Celebrating Cultural Diversity and Sharing the Magic of Cirque du Soleil with the World – Interview with Daniel Lamarre, President and CEO

Experiencing Istanbul Through the Innovative Cultural Productions of the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts – Interview with Görgün Taner, General Director (Istanbul, Turkey)

Interviews with MMIAM alumni

From Buddies to Brampton: Managing Cultural Policy and Planning in One of Canada’s Fastest Growing Cities – Interview with Brendan Healy, Artistic Director (Brampton, Canada)

Transitioning from Centre Stage to Behind the Scenes – Interview with Shayna Schlosberg, Managing Director of Catastrophic Theatre (Houston, USA)

Personal and Professional Transformation Lead MMIAM Graduate to New Career Path in Hawaii – Interview with John Wells, Operations Coordinator, Kennedy Theatre (Hawaii, USA)

Bringing the Business of the Arts Back to Bogotá – Interview with Daniela Alzate, Marketing Advisor to Teatro Colón (Bogotá, Colombia)

Developing Museum Audiences – Interview with Morgan Marks, Associate Director of Outreach at the Cheyenne Frontier Days™ Old West Museum (Wyoming, USA)

Facilitating Professional Development for Arts Managers in Alberta – Interview with Derek Stevenson, Arts Leadership Manager at the Rozsa Foundation (Calgary, Canada)

Combining Technology and the Arts — Interview with Robert O’Brien, General Manager of Hammerstep’s Indigo Grey Project (New York, USA)

MMIAM Graduate Launches Career in the Fashion Industry in Milan – Interview with Amanda Vojvodin-Dargenio, Events and Marketing Manager at Louisiane HCP Group (Milan, Italy)

Bringing International Experience Back to Bogotá’s Teatro Villa Mayor – Interview with Alváro Martínez, General Manager (Bogotá, Colombia)

MMIAM Graduate and Gallery Owner Showcases Quebec Artists to the World – Interview with Anne D’Amours McDonald (Québec City, Canada)

Dancing on the Edge of Innovation – Interview with Anna Aglietta, Assistant to the National Centre for Dance Therapy at Les Grands Ballets Canadiens (Montreal, Canada)

Learning to Slow Down and Program “with” a Rural Cultural Community – Interview with Marie Bobin, Independent Arts Management Consultant (California, USA)

Combining Management Strengths with a Passion for the Arts – Interview with Jozef Spiteri, Cultural Entrepreneur (Montreal, Canada)

Promoting Cross-Cultural Dialogue Between Iranian-Canadians and Their Multicultural Neighbours – Interview with Elahe Marjovi, Fundraising and Donations Officer, Tirgan (Toronto, Canada)

What Happens When You Fuse Past Experience, New Knowledge and Skills, and a Degree From the MMIAM Program? – Interview with Brittany Johnson, e-Communications Coordinator, Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art (Arkansas, USA)

Exploring the Future of Arts Management – MMIAM’s First Year in India and China – Interview with John Tenny, Independent Arts Management Consultant (Dallas, USA)

Interviews with MMIAM faculty members

An International Approach to Training the Next Generation of Arts Managers – Interview with Alex Turrini, SDA Bocconi (Milan, Italy)

Giving Arts Managers an Edge in the International Market – Interview with François Colbert, Co-Director of the MMIAM (Montreal, Canada)

Adaptability, Understanding the International Arts Market Key to Success for International Arts Managers – Interview with Kathleen Gallagher, MMIAM Professor (Dallas, USA)

Leading an Exciting New Initiative for the MMIAM Program in India and China – Interview with Andrea Rurale, Director of Master in Arts Management at SDA Bocconi (Milan, Italy)

Arts Management and the Creation of Social Values – Interview with Jaime Ruiz-Gutierrez, MMIAM Professor, Universidad de los Andes (Bogotá, Colombia)

Empowering Arts Leaders with High-Quality Data and Evidence-Based Resources – Interview with Zannie Giraud Voss, DataArts Director, Southern Methodist University (Dallas, USA)

Developing the Skills Needed to be a Successful Entrepreneur in the Cultural Sector – Interview with James Hart, Director of Arts Entrepreneurship, Southern Methodist University (Dallas, USA)

Summaries of research articles from the International Journal of Arts Management

Subscribers’ Overall Evaluation of a Multi-Experience Cultural Service, Tolerance for Disappointment, and Sustainable Loyalty (Abridged) – Summary of article by Zakia Obaidalahe, Francis Salerno, François Colbert

The Impact of Service Elements on the Artistic Experience: The Case of Classical Music Concerts (Abridged) – Summary of article by Antonella Carù and Bernard Cova

Portrait of a Star: National Gallery of Victoria (Abridged) – Summary of article by Ruth Rentschler, Kerrie Bridson, and Jody Evans

Consumer Perceptions of Arts Organizations’ Strategies for Responding to Online Reviews (Abridged) – Summary of article by Jennifer Wiggins, Chanho Song, Dharti Trivedi, Stephen B. Preece

New Variations of Dual Leadership: Insights from Finnish Theatre (Abridged) – Summary of article by Mari Järvinen, Heli Ansio, and Pia Houni

Value Created by and Evaluation of US Arts Incubators (Abridged) – Summary of article by Linda Essig

Breaking Down the Fourth Wall in Arts Management: The Implications of Engaging Users in Decision-Making (Abridged) – Summary of article by Leila Jancovich

Board Composition and Organizational Performance in the Cultural Sector: The Case of Italian Opera Houses (Abridged) – Summary of article by Paola Dubini and Alberto Monti

Arts Management in Developing Countries: A Latin American Perspective (Abridged) – Summary of article by Jaime Ruiz-Gutiérrez, Philip Stanley Grant, François Colbert

Creating Brand Identity in Art Museums: A Case Study (Abridged) – Summary of article by Sofia Pusa and Liisa Uusitalo

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts: Balancing International Reach and Strong Local Roots (Abridged) – Summary of article by Serge Poisson-de-Haro, François Normandin and Emmanuel Coblence

Customer Relationships in Arts Marketing: A Review of Key Dimensions in Delivery by Artistic and Cultural Organizations (Abridged) – Summary of article by François Colbert and Danilo C. Dantas

An International Perspective on Managing a Career as a Woman Composer (Abridged) – Summary of article by Sophie Hennekam, Dawn Bennett, Sally Macarthur, Cat Hope, Talisha Goh

It’s a Matter of Attention: The Marketing of Theatres in the Age of Social Media (Abridged) – Summary of article by Angela Besana, Anna Maria Bagnasco, Annamaria Esposito, Alessia Calzolari